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    Chairman's Desk

  • Government of india has decided to provide education for all. In this great task, number of new schools will come up which will require good and efficient teacher to carry on this Patriotic programme. Besides opening new school those exisiting will have to be upgraded.

    All this will require trained and efficient teacher in large numbers.

    From the beginning of my career, I have worked for expansion and opening of new institutions, Primamy, secondary and college viz. S. K. J. Law college, S.K. Medical College, R.D.S. College M.P.S. College and Nearly sixty five basic schools, two post basic and seven teachers training centres in the then Muzaffarpur Distric, by collecting donations of land up to five hundred acres from 1949 to 1952.

    Our latest project is this teachers training college at Dighra Rampur Sah, Muzaffarpur. S. K. J. Law College Was started in 1948. In 1970 When S. K. Medical College, Muzaffarpur was just an idea of S. K. J. Law College. It gave space to start the classes for the first two years. It also erected another small building with asbestos roof for candevere desection and essential items for understanding autonomical process body, bones and arteries. Similarly, I hope this teachers training college will go further and take initiative in starting another institution viz. nurses training centre and skill development centre.

    I wish all success to this college and trainees.



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